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    I tried to post pictures, but couldn't, so I added the link to my image album.  If that didn't work, will try something different. I have a new computer (Mac) love it---still learning.
    Just thread the thong through the stone and tie around your neck. Stick the hair pick into hair. (I usually wear 2 picks)

    Let me know if the pictures came through.


    Reply from weaverpa:

    Ya! I finally got to see  pics when I clicked on accepting you as my friend. I guess I still have a lot of learning to do! I have never seen someone wrap the wool around the shaft like you. It is so cool that you can take the whorl off when the weight gets to much. If the shaft is tapered do you have to take slip the yarn and the whorl off? And then slip the yarn back on? Most people I have seen use a bottom whorl and just wrap the yarn close to the whorl they do not extend it up the shaft like you do. I have not tried to ply with my drop spindle yet. If you have any advice or tips I'm all ears. I beginning to wonder if there might be a lot of small differences in how drop spindles were used in different cultures and places. So much more to learn! I find it all so very interesting.

    Thanks for working so hard to so me your pics. I learned a lot from them.


    Loren & Liza Stallsmith
    Circle S Leather -